Our Divine Services

All of the Services listed below are available via Telephone and/or Video Conference

Divine Energy Healings

By utilizing the various modalities Dawn and Haley know, each energy session is unique and custom to each clients specific needs. These energy sessions clear blocking beliefs, clear any stagnant energy or chains, bring in new divine light, new abundant beliefs, balances mental state, and a new perspective on life. These are meant to bring you closer to your divine self and path. rekindling your passion and your connection to your desires, while giving you the motivation, inspiration, and intuitive knowledge on how to get you there.                                                                                                     30min/$65  60min/$120

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Crystal Reiki

From the Wisdom of Usui and originally created in Japan, Reiki harnesses the universes energy and directs it into the body for it to heal. This energy is known as Life Force Energy, and by bringing it back into the body, one may begin to feel more happy and joyful, less pain in the body, a clearer mind set and more. By adding the crystals, this can amplify the healing and also take the healing in a specific direction based on the crystals used and their properties.                                                                                                    30min/$55

5D New Earth Body Activation

This Energy Healing Activation brings 5D Light into the Physical Body. This fosters in the ascension of your consciousness as well as your physical body. By bringing in 5D light, we are activating the cells and bringing them into alignment for the 5D Earth Shift that is occurring.

This is done by placing a sacred crystal grid around the body, harnessing your love energy and then magnifying it by bringing in the 5D light, following by activating it into your cells. The session takes between 60-90 min.                                                                                60-90min/$120

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Divine Life Guidance and Coaching

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When one is feeling lost or disconnected from their self or Prime Source, extra help or guidance can redirect those feelings and transform them into a mentality of connection and empowerment. With each session custom to their client’s needs, Dawn and Haley hold a space of clarity, direction, guidance to get you reconnected with yourself and Prime Source, so that you may live in your divinity with faith, clarity, and self-empowerment in your day to day life. By using tips, tricks and tools picked up from Specific Downloads, differing Energy Healing Modalities and Ancient Wisdom, clients can expect an improvement in their mental health, the way they perceive life and it's unfolding, improvement in their emotions, thoughts and feelings about themselves and others. Dawn and Haley's only goal is to help nurture the expansion of Divinity within the collective consciousness and in individuals. Through these Sessions, you can expect results of all that was mentioned above, along with expansion in all areas in your life including the faith, compassion and love you have for yourself; your ability to heal! The possibilities are truly unlimited! Just as Prime Source is unlimited, we ourselves can be unlimited as well; for Creation and us are One!                          

                                                                                                                    Prices Vary, Contact Us for Details

Chakra Balancing

Many know about chakras, but very little about how they are charged and truly balanced. As discovered by Don Miller, we actually have 12 Chakras, and each charged by small millivolts of electricity. So to properly balance the chakras, we must balance the body's Electrical Grid and Electrical flows; the Grid and Flows are an extension of the Chakra System. If the Grid and the Flows are not balanced, the chakra energy charge has nowhere to go, and without this energetic charge from the Chakras, organs and glands within the grid will shut down, resulting in illness or disease. Balance your Charkas Divinely and Completely!                                                                                                                       30-45min/$55                                                                                                             


Energetic Tune Up

Energetic Tune ups are meant to Clean, Cleanse and Repair the Aura, Balance Serotonin Levels, Balance the Electrical Grid and Chakras, Remove any Energy that is not Yours, Clear Energetic Stagnation or Siphoning, Clear Brain Fog, Restore Cell and Neurology Communication, and more. The benefits of an Energetic Tune up are Unlimited! They are also custom to each individual’s needs! This is ideal for those who just need that extra help in getting realigned. 


Past Life Regression

Remote View your past lives! Witness with your minds eye the experiences you have had in different lifetimes. By witnessing your past lives, we can in turn heal any of the truama and bring forth new knowledge and understanding of your souls evolution and allow you to step foward onto this lifetime with healing and clarity.                         
​                                                                60min/$100

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