Dawn Marie and Haley are a Mother-Daughter team that channel in Ancient Wisdom, Galactic Intelligence, Light Messages and Divine Healings. By connecting to Prime Source- or Creator- they  bring forth this information from Multidimensional Beings, Angels, Councils, Extraterrestrials, Beings of Light, and more. Between the two, Dawn and Haley have over 25 years experience connecting to the ethereal, each contributing a variety of differing information in which to their consciousness and vibration are aligned. This allows for a larger platform of information to be discovered and shared. Dawn and Haley share an extreme passion for this work and were called on by Prime Source to share this intelligence with the masses in honor of bringing awareness to and raising the vibrations of the collective consciousness.

"It is not what we do, it is who we are."                                                           -Dawn and Haley





Dawn is a multidimensional communicator, channel and medium and seer.

Connecting with highest sources of consciousness and light each experience with her brings clarity, personal expansion, soul connection and the vibration of love beyond the human self.

Endless possibilities, limitless shifting and growth with those that choose to work with her.  She assists in bringing you into your highest potential and highest light by clearing the way for you to connect with your authentic self and soul purpose.

Everything in each session is in a space of pure love, nonjudgment and complete truth from channel. 

We are all one and as one we are all. 

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Haley is a Galactic Energy Healer. 


Through her connection to Creator -Prime Source- she is able to receive messages and downloads from Beings of Light throughout various timelines and existences allowing her to provide divine and intelligent energy healings.


In addition to this, Haley also has soul lineage or "past" lives in Pleiades and Sirius. It is through her multidimensional connection to these galactic versions of herself, that information and healings come through.  

Bringing forth clear and honest healings are priority. Haley values integrity, authenticity, and transparency; this is evident in her work. 



"Here to spread Unconditional Love,

Here to teach you to Love Yourself Unconditionally again,

Here to remind you of your Divinity" - Haley