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Dawn and Haley are a Mother-Daughter team who  channel ancient wisdom thru the pure divine light of creation and assist in reconnecting you with your authentic self and Soul’s purpose.

Dawn and Haley are Multidimensional Communicators, Mediums, and Seers. 

Connecting with highest sources of consciousness and light each experience with them brings clarity, personal expansion, soul connection and the vibration of love beyond the human self.


Endless possibilities, limitless shifting and growth with those that choose to work with Dawn or Haley.  They assists in bringing you into your highest potential and highest light by clearing the way for you to connect with your authentic self and soul purpose.

Everything, in each session, is in a space of pure love, nonjudgment and complete truth from channel. 

We all come to earth with a purpose; with divine abilities, capabilities and callings. As our souls pass through the Non-Physical Dimensions to the Physical ones, our consciousness can forget what it is we came here to do and experience. In addition to this, within our human experience we get distracted by the day-to-day and the programming placed upon us by our environment finding ourselves one day wondering why we are here. 

The purpose of the Soul Sessions are to assist in reconnecting you with your Authentic Multidimensional Self and Soul's Purpose. This may include repairing spiritual DNA, breaking down the artificial matrix(s), releasing limiting beliefs, dismantling AI Technology, resolving past lives and doing any galactic repair necessary. This results in reconnection with your divine abilities and to the highest aspect of one's Soul. 

Any session with Dawn and Haley holds the opportunity for removing stagnate energy and beliefs, creating new life space for higher vibrational experiences to materialize into your reality. This can be done on various existences and different dimensions in which your Soul had and is currently residing.

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